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Top Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Verity Edgecombe Photography is a top Adelaide Wedding Photographer capturing beautiful moments with a beautiful use of light.

My approach to wedding days is to set people up in lovely light and then let the moments unfold. This bride is in her parents lounge room. I closed the curtains a bit and then suggested she sit on a stool near the curtains so when the bridesmaid was putting on her shoes there was a stream of light highlighting the moment but not too much light so it's 'just another boring putting on shoes photo'!

As the photographer, I like to visit wedding venues before the day. This is really helpful for couples because then it means that I'm not wasting their time on the day looking for beautiful places for photos because I already know where they are. Of course, often we change things up on the day but having a fair idea of what we could do before the day really helps things stay relaxed. I also like each couple's photos to be unique so I'm always looking for new ways to take images and find the perfect spots for each couple even when I have photographed at that wedding venue many times.

Contact Verity Edgecombe Photography to get a list of my wedding packages or find out more about my approach to wedding days here.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.