Verity Edgecombe Photography


I'm Verity Edgecombe, a wedding and portrait photographer from the Adelaide Hills. I follow the light and give you timeless, ethereal, romantic images that have been fun to create.

How we approach your wedding day

As a photographer I capture the life I see in people - the love, the magic, the tears, the joy, the light. Life inspires my passion for wedding photography. After nearly a decade in the business my heart still skips a beat as I drive to each wedding!

Capturing the moments

I will work tirelessly to capture the moments and meet your expectations. Your photos will be the real you and bring out the magic - moments of sacred reflection, tears of joy, hearts that are giddy with love! Because there are two photographers, we are able to get in-between moments – the grandma’s hug, the child dancing as if no-one is watching, the looks you give each other.

Getting the best wedding photos

Being yourselves and enjoying the day is important – I will give direction and put you in the best light and then let the moments unfold. Your photos will be journalistic in style but I do have a splash of the traditional and a pinch of the unique so you have a well rounded group of images to choose from.

I give clear direction for family and group photos so people know what they need to do to make it happen in an efficient, calm and friendly way.

I will ask you what you do or don't want - if you don't like jumping photos - you won't get jumping photos! If you want photos with you both under the veil - you will get that. I always aim to exceed your high expectations!

Having a relaxed wedding day

Rain, hail or shine, I will make it work! Some of my favourite photos have been taken in windy, wet conditions. I do whatever it takes to get awesome photos!

Your wedding is unique and special and so I will check out venues beforehand and choose settings and situations that are customised to your style and theme.

Reliable photographer

I am reliable and dedicated and never have a “near enough is good enough” attitude to your day or your images.

Renowned for being unobtrusive, I aim to get the photos you want without getting in the guests way or making you feel like the paparazzi is there!

Your images will be edited so they are timeless, vibrant and reflect how the day was. Special care is taken to each photo we give you. I will have them to you within 3-5 weeks.

Pricing info

I offer different wedding photography packages to suit your needs. Wedding collections start at $2595. All packages include full resolution photos that you can print as you like.

Contact us via this website for detailed packages