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Helpful Tips For Wedding Days

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* Allow time in the schedule for things not to go according to plan! For example, if you want to chat with guests before the official photos after the ceremony, make sure you put that into your timeline.

* Keep travel to a minimum so precious time is not spent travelling.

* Be aware it generally takes at least 10 minutes from when the bride arrives at the ceremony to when she walks down the aisle. Often the same with the reception. So allow this extra time in your schedule.

* All try to get plenty of sleep the night before, so the day isn't just one big blur, and you can't wait till it's over!! - yes, it's happened!

Ladies - Bridal gowns, hair and makeup

* Try on dresses at least one week before the wedding, once dresses have been hung and all the adjustments made. Sometimes the bride's dress is too tight. If this is the case, you have time to make adjustments. Double-check the length to confirm the gown hasn't dropped, and there will be no bride tripping up while walking down the aisle!

* Comfortable shoes make a more relaxing day! So - if you want to wear heels, you may like to bring flats to walk around in after the ceremony, etc.

* Ensure the hairdresser is very clear about the schedule and allow extra time for them to take longer than anticipated.

* If you are the bride and you have a fringe and want it straight and without a gap, make sure it's pinned and hair-sprayed, so you don't have to keep worrying about it during the wedding day!

*give the makeup artist photos of what you like and what you DON'T like (maybe an example would be dark eyeliner) so they know their boundaries.

* Have some of the beautiful details in your hair at the front, if possible.

Gentleman - boutonnieres, rings

* Groom's boutonnieres (lapel flowers) often get squashed and look less than okay halfway through the day. Think about having something that doesn't matter if squashed a tad! As an alternative, you could get two boutonnieres made so you can put a fresh one on for the official photo time. At a minimum, choose a colour that doesn't show the bruising on the flower petals!

* Have a list of all the things that you need to take with you to the ceremony. It may include the rings, your speeches and your sunglasses

* If you are having ties, make sure someone knows how to tie them, and if no one does, have them pre-tied and loose so you can just slip them on.

Getting Out the Door!

* Have a checklist at the front door of things to take to the service. Include ALL the bouquets (flower girls, too) and the hats/headpieces of all the bridesmaids. Also, include the rings, speeches, and vows if applicable. Allow 10 minutes to get out the door. Better to drive around the block a few times than run the day late.

* You could have a snap-lock bag of things for emergencies - cotton and thread, bandaids, safety pins, lip gloss, eyelash adhesive etc.

* Do you need umbrellas? - make sure they are in the car before you leave.

* Don't plan to be late. Most weddings run late anyway, so if you plan to be late, you will probably be very late. If you are too early, drive around the block a few times.

During the Ceremony

* Look at the marriage celebrant during the service rather than the audience. You may need to work out how you will do it so you don't feel awkward!

* If you have an arbour or arch to stand under and think of it - stand in the middle - it looks better in photos!

* You will probably want to hold hands during the ceremony. Make sure the microphone isn't preventing this.

* Make sure the marriage celebrant has a copy of both your vows before the ceremony!

* You don't have to sign your wedding certificate straight after the ceremony if your celebrant is staying for the reception.

* Families love that congratulations hug/handshake when you are coming back down the aisle, so take your time and include as many people as you want - this saves anyone from being offended!

* If you have confetti or rose petals, consider asking the marriage celebrant to encourage your guests to throw them up above your heads rather than in your faces as you come down the aisle. If you have confetti canons, you don't need a lot to get the effect. Consider having one on either side of the aisle and ask those letting the canons off to shoot them well above you so you aren't showered with confetti so no one can see you, and photographers can get a decent photo of you, not just confetti. Another option might be to have six, fired at three different times as you come down the aisle.


* Check ALL chauffeurs have printed directions for where they are going or a link on their phones.

Vows and Speeches

* It's a great idea to write your own vows, but they need thought and time put into them, so start writing them months before your wedding day so they aren't rushed. Here are my 5 top tips for writing your vows.

* Encourage those doing speeches to keep them positive - brides especially don't want to be run down on their special day! If you suggested 5-10 minute speeches, most guests would love that, and the speeches are often enjoyable that way!

* Have your parents seated so they don't have to turn around all the time to hear the speeches.

Rainy or Cold Wedding Day?

* have a fabulous 'if it rains' option so you don't feel so disappointed if it does decide to pour, and don't panic about the rain - you can have fun and get great photos in the rain! See here for more tips on rainy day weddings!

* do everything you can to make sure your guests are comfortable. For example, if it's cold, there needs to be heaters and rugs so everyone feels comfortable - and close any doors where there is a draft.

* provide umbrellas if it's forecast to rain - you can sell them all afterwards.

Hot Wedding Day?

* If it's going to be a scorching day, try to encourage your bridal party to drink lots of water the day before to be well hydrated. Keep the bouquets in water on the way to the ceremony if there is travel time, and have a towel to pat dry when you get there. Have water at the signing of the registry table and stand in the shade as much as possible.

Encourage ALL the bridal party to wear sunscreen and have it handy for guests at an outdoor wedding.

Finger Food Meals

* For finger food meals - make sure the caterers know the schedule and serve food at a reasonable hour rather than serving hot food late into the night when some guests need to leave.

* Make sure your caterers have a plan to distribute the food around to all the guests - some shy guests can go hungry if caterers don't have a strategic plan, and make sure everyone is well-fed.


* It's excellent if water is readily available during the reception.

* Don't forget a knife if you have a cake to cut and your wedding venue doesn't supply this.

* If you have a sparkler exit - make sure the person organising knows how long they burn for and time it so that they haven't burnt out by the time you are walking through them - you could get the long sparklers rather than the short ones - they burn for a lot longer, though they can give out a lot of smoke, so you have to watch that!


* Invite friends for your parents, so people surround them to share the special day.

Enjoy the Day!

* Relax, it usually doesn't matter if things don't go as planned - it usually adds to the happy story of the day!

Tips by Verity Edgecombe Photography

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