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Choosing Your Family Photographer

Choosing The Best Family Photographer

timeless family photo with a soft backlight

A great family photographer will find memorable locations, advise on detail, keep the photoshoot relaxed and natural, and capture the family's heart and spirit.

There are several family photographers to choose from in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. So how can you tell who is right for you?

First, look at their portfolios online:

1. Do the families in the photos look relaxed, or staged and stiff?

2. Can you see the personalities of the children just by looking at the photos?

3. Do you like the photographer's shooting and editing styles?

4. Are the colours consistent across the photoshoot?

5. Is there a lot of variety across the portfolios displayed?

So You Tick 1-5 - What's The Next steps:

6. Does the photographer get back to you promptly when you message them?

7. Is the photographer helpful and willing to answer any questions you have?

8. Do their prices fit your budget?

9. Do they let you know what the printing cost is before you go to the photoshoot so that there are no unwelcome surprises?

10. Finally, do they have good reviews on Facebook and Google?

Keeping family photos relaxed and natural

capturing the personality of the children

showing the warmth and love in a family

lifestyle family photos can include hanging out at home

documenting the family dynamics

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